Our Services

01 Strategy

Not all of your potential customers are created equal.  Our team works with you to identify the right prospects that will propel your business forward.  We combine data science, leading-edge technology, and a big heap of experience to deliver you red-hot leads who are ready to buy—today. 

02 Consulting

Every incredible journey starts with a destination.  Where do you want to be, and how fast do you want to get there?  We treat every customer interaction differently and tailor our solutions to meet both your immediate and long-term goals.  By defining clear goals and staying on target, we generate a 5-25x ROI for our customers.  

03 Copywriting

You have three seconds or less to grab someone's attention and hold it.  And most of your prospects are bombarded by over 5,000 ads every day.  Ask yourself: is your ad-copy standing out in the crowd?  Our advertising and PPC copywriting services provide the foundation you need to improve your click-through rates, conversion rates, and more—by over 300%.

04 PPC & Funnels

Markets go up, down, and sideways.  The hard truth is: we're all living in an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable world.  Carter Digital Marketing brings order to chaos by building sales funnels and using Pay-Per-Click Advertising to deliver new paying customers, now.  Forget 1x or 2x ROI...Many of our clients are getting a 5-15x return on their ad spend.

05 Content & SEO

Upstarts like Tik Tok and Snapchat can quickly route platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  Remember AOL Chat Rooms, Friendster, and Myspace?  Gone but not forgotten.  While PPC ads should be core to your client acquisition strategy, isn't it time you take control of your company's long-term future?  Our team of 22 professionals will create content that inspires, educates, and entertains.  Then we'll deliver you page #1 Google and Bing placement via impeccable Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Most of all: we'll convert those eyes and ears to paying customers. 

Our Successes

Houston, TX

Fairmont Luxury Apartments

Wrote 38 pages of world-class copywriting for Fairmont's digital media.  The result put the Fairmont on-par with ultra-lux properties in Manhattan, Singapore, and London.

Austin, TX

70 Rainey

Created strategy, ad-copy, and content for Austin's top ultra-lux condos.

San Jose, CA


Designed an SEO strategy and content for Samsung's mid-range smartphones. 

Pasadena, CA

Western Asset

Performed branding, digital marketing, and consulting for an 8-figure internal technology initiative.

Carlsbad, CA


30,000+ words of content, design, and brand-strategy propelled this startup to Google's front page.

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