Simple Ideas
Elegantly Executed

Carter Digital Marketing was created in 2010 by co-founders Ryan Carter and James Pickett.  Ryan is a US Marine, copywriter, SEO, and information technology executive.  James is a former Apple business development specialist, lead generation expert, and commercial real estate investor.  

Our premise was simple: find companies motivated to grow like crazy and deliver massive results through design, digital marketing, and bleeding-edge tech.

Leave no stone unturned. Sweat every detail.


We're a specialized B2B lead generation agency expressly designed to deliver motivated buyers to our customers.

In contrast, nearly all other lead generation agencies are doing nothing more than delivering lists of contacts extracted from various databases full of questionable data.

Here at CDM, we perform our own marketing and generate leads and prospects who are motivated to buy now.

Bottom line: our leads are not pulled from someone else's stale databases.  This is a difference that matters.

Our Beliefs
Our Principles

Results Focused

We are constantly looking to deliver more measurable value to our clients, rather than bill more hours.

Strategic Partner

Consider us People-As-A-Service. We're your own special forces for hire, with a skillset to match.

Culture of Winners

Each member of our team has been carefully selected based on a track record of high-performance and their extensive experience.

Dynamic & Adaptable

The world moves forward faster than ever, and it's our duty to keep up and get ahead.

Sweat the Details

Races are often won by a matter of inches, and if you train right and train hard, those inches are everywhere. We run our agency the same way—always looking for opportunity and advantage.

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